At the forefront of our efforts, JKMuir provides expertise in sustainability, clean energy, carbon neutrality, and electrical resiliency into the planning, design, and construction phase of infrastructure projects. We put data and quantified value behind Net-Zero strategies to drive renewable energy utilization and mining of inherent system energy. With vast experience partnering with clients to create a cultural mindset integrating sustainability, we are proud to offer services focused on renewable energy, biosolids, Envision certification, and securing funding, aiming to achieve the triple-bottom line of sustainability.

Renewable Energy

  • Evaluation of Viable Renewable Energy Technologies Opportunities to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    • Ensure technology achieves broader project objectives
    • Determine constraints and challenges to implementation
    • Estimate project cost and return on investment
  • Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Mitigation
    • Development & Modeling of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Strategies
    • Consider opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas impacts through thoughtful equipment selection and use of the mitigation hierarchy
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  • Feasibility Analyses for Anaerobic Digestion & Cogeneration
  • Lead anaerobic digestion studies to maximize gas production and beneficial use
  • Development of Sludge & Biosolids Management Plans
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Envision® Certification

  • Climate change & Resiliency are interwoven into project decisions when implementing the Envision framework. Consideration is given to a project’s ability to withstand climate risk over its lifecycle and ensures that design decisions align with broader resiliency and sustainability goals achieved through interagency and stakeholder collaboration. Our project team also focuses on opportunities to minimize emissions that further exacerbate climate change
  • Use of virgin materials accounts for a substantial portion of infrastructure resources and carbon intensity. By quantifying and determining the resources used in a project, opportunities for recycled and sustainable sourced content can be explored to minimize the embodied carbon associated with construction.


  • Guide client applications for government funding programs that support sustainability, subsidize pilot studies, and finance emissions reduction and on-site generation.
  • Our Work in Action!

The goal of our services is to create a culture of sustainability without compromising reliability.

JKMuir’s technical services can put data and quantified value behind Net-Zero (energy and carbon neutrality) strategies at water and wastewater treatment facilities, which is driving renewable energy utilization, and mining of the inherent energy and nutrients of the system.

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JKMuir is WBE certified in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York City, and New York State.

JKMuir is a Certified WBENC Women’s Business Enterprise.

JKMuir is DBE certified in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York State.

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