Over $100,000 in potential energy savings was identified for the South Central Regional Water Authority’s Lake Gaillard drinking water pump station through a detailed energy evaluation.   JKMuir performed an energy audit to assess the station’s operations and output, which included detailed field testing of the large and small pumps at this location.

JKMuir evaluated the savings potential of rebuilding or replacing the motors and installing VFDs on two pumps at the station. Utilizing the installed flow meter, electrical meters and pressure gauges to obtain field readings, JKMuir specifically evaluated the benefits of rebuilding two large pumps compared to rebuilding one large and one small pump. This assessment of the energy savings potential and payback period of each option informed the design of the pump station upgrade.

By implementing the recommended energy conservation measure and installing VFDs on two of the larger pumps at the pump station, JKMuir determined that the operators would gain greater control over the pump station’s output to meet system demands, in addition to the electrical cost savings. The energy audit allowed JKMuir to draw on experience with field tested data, historic flow and energy usage data and pump energy efficiency assessments to make specific pump system optimization recommendations to the design engineer. Thanks to these cost and energy savings evaluations, JKMuir’s energy audit identified of over 700,000 kWhs in potential annual savings.

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