As a trusted consultant for the Energize CT initiative, JKMuir completed a scoping study level comprehensive facility energy evaluation at the Stamford Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF). As part of the evaluation, JKMuir identified cost effective energy conservation measures for both building systems and process systems and equipment to reduce the facility’s operational costs.

JKMuir’s comprehensive energy evaluation documented current energy usage at the facility, identified opportunities for low cost or no cost operational improvements that will provide energy savings, and identified energy conservation measures that can provide long term savings and return on investment. JKMuir conducted two site visits at the facility to collect spot readings of flow, pressure and electrical usage of major equipment and systems. The collected data was used to develop energy cost and savings calculations to model the energy and cost savings associated with each identified measure. Project costs were estimated for each measure and used to determine a simple payback for each identified potential improvement.

Stamford WPCF Energy Evaluation

Equipment efficiencies and annual energy usages were estimated using the collected data. With our findings JKMuir proposed ten specific operational and capital improvements at the facility and estimated the energy savings and cost for each project. The total annual energy savings (kWh) from the ten proposed energy conservation measures totaled 834,000 kWh which is equivalent to $92,000 saved in energy costs one year after completing the proposed operational and capital improvements. In addition to providing the energy evaluation, JKMuir was able to identify an ongoing project at the facility, calculate the energy savings associated with the upgrade, and submit a funding application to Eversource, which resulted in substantial funding for the facility.

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