In a two-phase study, JKMuir conducted field testing of the Long Wharf Pump Station pumps and force main to evaluate the current operating conditions.

Testing included utilizing JKMuir’s portable instrumentation for flow, pressure, and electrical readings in order to verify the pumps’ current operating condition, wire-to-water efficiency, and capacity.  In the first phase, JKMuir tested the operation of the pumps in order to identify the discrepancies between the current operating capacities of the pumps, versus original design criteria and historical flows.   The in-field measurements of flow, suction and discharge pressure, voltage, amperage, power draw and power factor provided insight into the pump operating conditions, and possible causes of pump capacity reduction were provided based on analysis of the findings of field testing.

In the second phase of the study, JKMuir conducted pressure testing of the Long Wharf Pump Station force main, in order to identify potential areas of headloss impacting pump operation. In addition, JKMuir conducted flow measurements to obtain flowrate along the force main. For the force main pressure testing, calibrated, portable instrumentation for measuring and logging pressure was used. Flowrate measurements were obtained using JKMuir’s ultrasonic flowmeter through the force main based on the availability of straight run of pipe inside the desired manholes for meter installation. Detailed results of field testing as well as recommendations for additional investigations were provided in order to optimize pump operation, realize energy and cost savings, and ensure adequate pump capacity for future wet weather events.

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