JKMuir has worked successfully with federal, state and local government agencies, industrial and private-sector clients, and utility companies. With a longstanding reputation for leadership in these markets, we provide our clients with comprehensive technical knowledge and expertise, an in-depth understanding of the diverse regulatory requirements our clients may face, and the ability to form the necessary partnerships that are integral to our clients’ success.

As a result, JKMuir has emerged as a leading provider to the following markets and sectors:

Power & Energy

Rising demands, volatile oil & gas prices, complex regulatory issues, and increasing environmental pressure have driven power and energy to the forefront of every discussion. Since the firm’s inception, JKMuir has worked with power and energy utilities to promote energy efficiency to their customers to help alleviate these concerns. In addition, JKMuir offers sustainable solutions for the planning and feasibility, project management and commissioning of both conventional and renewable energy projects.


JKMuir understands the current challenges facing municipal agencies – increasing regulatory requirements and diminishing budgets. Through a focus on energy management, JKMuir provides municipal clients with innovative and sustainable solutions resulting in cost savings and better process performance. No firm has had more success in obtaining incentives for municipalities to fund improvement projects.

State & Federal

State and Federal agencies are under increasing pressure to not only operate more efficiently, but to also be prepared for any type of emergency event. JKMuir has assisted State and Federal agencies on a variety of projects, ranging from energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction programs to energy assurance plans. JKMuir recognizes each project has a specific goal, and works with State and Federal agencies to both implement effective solutions and mitigate risk associated with unknown events.

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and industrial projects are often constrained by tight deadlines and even tighter budgets. JKMuir understands special attention is needed to successfully complete these often highly technical projects. This is where our personalized responsiveness sets us apart. JKMuir works as a part of your team to provide targeted services to meet the specific demands and requirements of these unique projects.

Private Water & Wastewater Companies

In addition to our core energy services, JKMuir offers a broad range of engineering capabilities and technical services to private water and wastewater companies, including feasibility studies, planning, design, project management, construction administration and commissioning. Our services are customized to work with project specific requirements as well as the needs of our private water and wastewater clients.


JKMuir is WBE certified in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York City, and New York State.

JKMuir is a Certified WBENC Women’s Business Enterprise.

JKMuir is DBE certified in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York State.

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