The Nantucket Surfside Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) in Nantucket, MA recently completed a plant-wide facility upgrade.

As a trusted consultant for National Grid, JKMuir worked with the design engineer to identify and submit applications for equipment and system upgrades that would provide energy savings. By completing a detailed review of the design, JKMuir maximized the energy efficiency incentives for the Town of Nantucket.

Nantucket WWTF TA Study

Data collected at past energy evaluations JKMuir had completed at the facility, design documents and discussions with the design team provided JKMuir the data needed to identify energy efficient upgrades included in the proposed design. With the use of equipment data sheets and curves, historical or projected operating conditions, and equipment operating hours, detailed calculations were completed to project the energy savings associated with each identified measure. Cost information from the design engineer was used to determine the simple payback and cost effectiveness of the upgrades based on annual energy savings. Custom applications were submitted for the following systems: anoxic tank hyperbolic mixers, aeration system controls, and draft recycle pump system modifications. JKMuir also submitted a prescriptive application for facility lighting upgrades and reviewed the HVAC improvements for eligibility.

JKMuir submitted four funding applications for the Town of Nantucket Surfside WPCF. The projected energy savings totaled to approximately 283,000 kWh annually.

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