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Sustainable Design & Renewable Energy

As environmental engineers, JKMuir’s philosophy is to develop innovative solutions that have minimal impact to our environment. Our commitment to sustainable design reaches beyond energy reduction, focusing on providing clients with an array of options for the use of alternative sources of energy. Water and wastewater treatment facilities are often great candidates for renewable energy projects due to their size, location and high energy demand.


Our goal is to assess the client’s needs and to provide options based on the renewable energy technology most suitable for the site. The availability of state and federal incentives continues to improve the viability of renewable energy projects. JKMuir provides comprehensive assistance in accessing and maximizing these funding opportunities. Our holistic approach begins with an assessment to determine facility specific energy utilization profiles, followed by the development of renewable energy project options that are sized to meet both capacity and financial goals. We work in unison with our clients and renewable energy developers and equipment suppliers to successfully deliver effective, sustainable projects that deliver long term value.


  • Renewable Energy Planning
  • Combined Heat and Power Assessments
  • Anaerobic Digester Biogas Use Analyses
  • Solar Photovoltaic System Feasibility Assessment & Analyses
  • Fuel Cell System Feasibility Assessments & Analyses
  • Hydroelectric Feasibility Assessments & Design
  • Funding Applications
  • Distributed Generation Electrical Interconnection Requirement Assistance