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Jennifer Muir, President of JKMuir, is responsible for client development, industry engagement and the daily management of this closely held environmental engineering firm. Due to her track record in the industry, Ms. Muir is a recognized leader in public, industrial and private sectors for developing innovative solutions to address project requirements and for her ability to manage diverse teams and complex projects to achieve cost savings and energy efficient solutions for water and wastewater facilities. 


With over 15 years of hands-on environmental engineering experience, Ms. Muir is a specialist in the planning, design and management of water and wastewater treatment facility and sustainability projects and energy conservation improvements for large and small scale facilities. With the combined experience of design engineering and construction management, Ms. Muir’s diversified project work encompasses design, cost analysis, equipment and contractor procurement, permitting, regulatory approval and on-site construction oversight and start-up services. A passionate advocate of energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy opportunities, combined with an in-depth understanding of energy evaluation approaches, financing options, energy market analysis and project requirements contribute to her ability to consistently bring energy projects to fruition and maximize available grant funding.


Ms. Muir is registered Professional Engineer in the State of Connecticut. She holds a M.S. Degree in Environmental Engineering and a B.S., Environmental Engineering, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is a frequent and renowned presenter at regional and national industry conferences. Jen also currently serves on the board of the Connecticut Section of the American Water Works Association.


Senior Project Engineer


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Senior Project Engineer, Carina Hart, brings 10+ years engineering experience working with municipal water and wastewater utilities throughout New England and New York. Her experience encompasses a broad range of experience including design of water and wastewater treatment plants including contract document preparation, construction coordination and oversight services. In addition, Ms. Hart has extensive experience with pilot study construction, coordination and evaluation for both water and wastewater treatment plants.

Ms. Hart conducts energy evaluations for water and wastewater treatment plants and pump stations to improve energy efficiency practices for process modifications, instrumentation and control upgrades, and equipment replacement and rehabilitation. Ms. Hart conducts on-site field evaluation using portable instrumentation to evaluate, monitor, and optimize process equipment performance. Ms. Hart works directly with electric utilities and state agencies to obtain grant and incentive funding for energy projects. Ms. Hart also has experience with the evaluation, siting and financial analysis of renewable energy technologies for hydroelectric power, solar photovoltaic power and wind power.

Ms. Hart earned her B.S., in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). She is actively involved in the Public Education Committee for NEWEA and is the member association liaison for the Stockholm Junior Water Prize in New England. Ms. Hart has multiple publications and presentations conducted for the regional and national professional associations. She actively maintains industry certifications including OSHA 10; the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) certification in pipelines, laterals and manholes; and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E Electrical Safe Work Practices.

Pump Systems Engineer




William brings over 40 years of experience in the pump and motor industry designing, field testing, repairing and troubleshooting mechanical seals, compressors, motors and pumping systems. William holds a degree in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. He has worked for several motor, pump and mechanical seal OEM’s in addition to being a Corporate Principal Engineer for Balance of Plant equipment at a large power utility company where among other responsibilities, he was accountable for asset management, life cycle performance, system assessment, failure analysis, plant efficiency, O&M and capital budget. Mr. Livoti has been active in the Hydraulic Institute for over 15 years, he is Chairman of the Education Marketing Steering Committee, Principal Instructor for Pump System Optimization as well as Instructor for Train the Trainer and has co-authored five books with the Hydraulic Institute, Pumps System Optimization Guidelines, Power Plant Pump Application Guidelines, Maintenance and Reliability Guidelines and Variable Frequency Drive Guidelines. William is an active member of Vibration Institute, IEEE Power Engineering Society, ASME Power Engineering Society, and Electric Power Research Institute Large Electric Motor Users Group. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Pump Systems Matter.

Project Engineer


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Environmental engineer, Jessica Dzwonkoski, is responsible for energy evaluations, field investigations, and engineering analysis of water and wastewater systems; conducting field work and equipment testing at water and wastewater plants and pump stations throughout New England; collecting and analyzing performance diagnostics using portable testing equipment to evaluate pump efficiency and equipment operation. Jessica is also responsible for the inspection and commissioning of energy efficiency project installations to document and verify savings. Her field work also includes pipeline and manhole condition assessment.

Ms. Dzwonkoski conducts facility evaluations and design reviews of proposed upgrades for water and wastewater treatment facilities; analysis of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC), lighting, and process improvements; and making critical recommendations to improve energy efficiencies. Jessica works closely with electric utilities to develop funding applications, detailed savings calculations, and conservation projects. She has also conducted research on the feasibility, and available technologies for hydroelectric installations at wastewater treatment plants.

Ms. Dzwonkoski is part of JKMuir’s Construction Phase Services team, providing commissioning assistance, Operation & Maintenance manual development, and construction administration assistance.

Ms. Dzwonkoski obtained a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and holds a Grade IV Municipal Wastewater Treatment Operators license in Massachusetts. She actively maintains industry certifications, including OSHA 10, HAZWOPR, Class A UST Operators license and the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) certification in pipelines, laterals and manholes, and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E Electrical Safe Work Practices.

Project Engineer


Christopher Dobens


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Mr. Dobens is an environmental engineer specializing in water and wastewater construction inspection including sewer manhole rehabilitation and sewer lining. He is responsible for overseeing contractor activities, ensuring safety protocols, and compliance with traffic plans

Mr. Dobens has been providing construction inspection services on projects located in the MDC district including sewer manhole rehabilitation and sewer lining projects. He is responsible for overseeing contractor activities and ensuring safety protocols and requirements on site. Safety requirements included compliance with traffic plans including CT Department of Transportation requirements on state highways. His inspection services include the interpretation of design drawings and plans to ensure construction compliance with the intent of the design. Mr. Dobens also provided daily inspection reports based on the day’s activities including construction activity, personnel, and equipment on site. Responsibilities also included interfacing with the MDC personnel, the contractor, and local resident in the area of construction.

Mr. Dobens participated in the Commissioning and start-up services of backup generators for drinking water facilities at and around the Hartford MDC reservoirs located in northwestern Connecticut.

Mr. Dobens conducted hands on pump efficiency testing and evaluation for multiple wastewater pumping stations located in the collection system for Vernon, Connecticut. As well as pump design flow rate analysis including analysis of detail flow data for various drinking water pump stations throughout the Connecticut Water Company territory.

Mr. Dobens obtained a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He actively maintains industry certifications, including OSHA 10 and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E Electrical Safe Work Practices.

Project Manager


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Michael Bensema is a Licensed Professional Engineer with 20+ years experience in the process equipment and wastewater industries. He specializes in the design, commissioning, troubleshooting and failure analysis of centrifuge systems and wastewater process equipment, including sludge incineration. He has implemented asset management best practices, CMMS programs and Reliability Centered Maintenance studies at plants across North America.

Mr. Bensema has been responsible for the optimization of centrifuge operations at various plants, resulting in reduced downtime, increased performance and reduction of polymer consumption by over $200,000. Mr. Bensema conducts in-depth Reliability Centered Maintenance studies of plant process systems to ensure optimum maintenance procedures, identify hidden failures and document failure effects. He has investigated equipment reliability programs on a variety of process equipment; implemented reliability programs for multiple plants; and conducted vibrations analysis programs resulting in the prevention of critical failures in addition to providing training services to ensure long term operation and reliability.

Mr. Bensema is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Connecticut. His certifications include Vibration Analyst III from the Vibration Institute. He continues his professional development in Reliability Centered Maintenance (Mac Smith) and Maintenance Planning and Scheduling (Doc Palmer). He hold a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers University.

Senior Construction Manager   


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Senior Construction Manager, Peter Stump, brings 20+ years engineering experience working with municipal and private utilities. His experience encompasses construction management, asset valuation, long-term maintenance planning, water and wastewater equipment assessment and facility condition assessment. Mr. Stump’s experience also includes project management, pump station design, and sewer and water main design.

In his work in construction management, he has been responsible for supervision in the construction and rehabilitation of wastewater treatment plants; provided quality assurance oversight and monitored vendor compliance; and performed start-up preparations for plant improvements. Additionally, Mr. Stump has evaluated and managed workplace safety initiatives during construction oversight.

As a design consultant, Mr. Stump developed design and planning projects coordinating permitting, unit process design and wetland assessment. Mr. Stump also managed the operation of a 12 MGD wastewater treatment plant and the associated collection system and over 70 pump stations including budget control, managing staff, and maintaining permit compliance. Mr. Stump actively pursues construction quality assurance and construction oversight for multiple clients including the Hartford Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). Mr. Stump holds a B.S. in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois. He active maintains certifications for OSHA 10.