Industry Involvement


As leaders in our industry, JKMuir staff have provided the following presentations at local industry conferences and events:


  • “The Truth About Your Power Bill” 2015 NEWWA Spring Joint Regional Conference & Exhibition.
  • “The Real Efficiency of Pumping Systems” 2015 NEWEA Annual Conference & Exhibit.
  • "Interpreting Your Power Bill”, CTAWWA Annual Technical Conference and Vendor Exposition 2013.
  • "Development, Design and Construction of a Dedicated Industrial Water Supply System”, CTAWWA Annual Technical Conference and Vendor Exposition 2012.
  • “Understanding Your Power Bill”, CTAWWA Annual Conference 2011.
  • “Energy Saving Opportunities & Utility Bill Analysis”, ASRWWA Annual Conference 2010.
  • “The True Efficiency of Your Pumps”, NEWEA Spring Conference 2010.
  • “The Truth about Your Power Bill”, NEWEA Annual Conference 2010.
  • “Understanding and Interpreting Your Power Bill”, NEWEA Spring Conference 2009.
  • “Giving Back to the Grid, Getting the Grants and Gaining Control”, NEWEA Annual Conference 2009.
  • “Energy Efficiency at Wastewater Treatment Facilities”, NYWEA Annual Conference 2009.
  • "Reducing Energy Costs at Water Treatment Plants and Pumping Stations", CTAWWA Training Course, January 2008.