JKMuir – Experts In Funding For Water
& Wastewater Infrastructure Improvement Projects

Energy projects can provide long term cost savings, but capital costs for these improvements can be prohibitive. JKMuir makes these projects a reality by connecting our clients with these financial resources and grant opportunities. We have significantly reduced the upfront investment and project payback periods for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects by obtaining substantial funding through federal, state, and utility programs, and through alternative project financing.

Track Record With State & Utility Rebate and Incentive Programs

JKMuir offers clients extensive experience working with state and utility rebate and incentive programs to obtain funding to finance these water and wastewater infrastructure improvement projects.


As a cumulation of our experience, the JKMuir team offers a critical understanding of state and utility rebate and incentive program requirements; the potential challenges; and the qualifications necessary to satisfy each program’s strict criteria. JKMuir ‘s engineering team’s capabilities include the ability to calculate the potential energy savings associated with any one specific project, as well as the capacity to obtain the necessary field measurements required for their computation.


Track Record + Expertise = Grant Funding Dollars
The resulting combination of our team’s expertise; proficiency in understanding the complexity of state and utility rebate and incentive program requirements, along with our track record in the industry –continues to lead to JKMuir’s success in obtaining significant funding for these projects on behalf of our clients.