During the design phase of the Waterbury Water Pollution Control Facility Phosphorous Upgrade, JKMuir worked with the facility and design engineer, CDM Smith, to evaluate power monitoring systems that could replace the plant’s existing power monitors.

The existing power monitors were mounted on the motor control centers and on some of the large process equipment, and were not connected to the facility SCADA system.

The facility was interested in replacing the existing power monitors with new power monitors interconnected with SCADA system. The facility was also interested in tying in additional equipment to the monitoring system by adding power monitors to smaller process equipment in the future.

JKMuir evaluated multiple hardware and software products and companies that specialize in power monitoring systems. Findings and recommendations were presented to the client with different options available that ranged from hardwiring power monitoring devices directly into SCADA (like many plants currently do) to setting up a separate network with a software program that would overlay on SCADA and can be used to trend power monitoring data against plant operations and electric utility bills. The analysis included information about the expandability and security of each option.

Waterbury Energy Management Plan

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