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Energy Efficiency

Energy Delivery Infrastructure, Transportation Energy Efficiency, and Building Energy Efficiency. Worked with Project Team to assess energy consumption and performance of all City-owned water and wastewater facilities; provided support services for benchmarking those facilities in Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager. JKMuir completed ASHRAE Level 1 energy audits of City owned water and wastewater facilities in the bottom 20% based on energy performance scores or those accounting for at least 80% of the City’s total utility costs. And, developed goals and preliminary strategy recommendations for efficiency improvements in water and wastewater facilities and infrastructure.


JK Muir assisted the New York Power Authority in the development and implementation of energy efficiency and Green House Gas reduction projects at NYC DEP facilities. Projects included wastewater aeration system efficiency upgrades, cogeneration, VFDs replacements, digester gas system upgrades, engine generator upgrades/replacements and centrifuge upgrades/replacements. JKMuir provided technical review and design assistance for digester gas/combined heat and power system projects, as well as process equipment efficiency upgrades. Scope of work also included greenhouse gas calculations, detailed review of energy calculations and construction contract documents.


JKMuir is part of an engineering/consulting team selected to provide energy audits of 70 County owned facilities and buildings, which included ASHRAE Level 1 energy evaluations, development of energy conservation measures (ECMs), energy benchmarking, and Energy Star rating of various building types and facilities. JKMuir performed energy evaluations, assisted in development and review of audit reports and development of ECM database plus recommended action plans.


JKMuir’s ongoing work with National Grid includes review of large, Custom Measure Applications in order to verify and interpret technical documentation, analyze engineering assumptions, evaluate project cost estimates, develop detailed, quantifiable savings calculations, and ensure projects are submitted and processed under the appropriate program track. These tasks also included field verification of installed equipment, examination of controls and operation, and measurement of base or proposed case energy usage through spot checks and/or long term data collection.


JKMuir provides Quality Assurance/Control Analyses, Level 1 through 3 Energy Audits, brainstorming, pre and post installation inspections, and general technical and engineering services on energy efficiency projects; plus hands-on engineering analysis of mechanical, process and pumping equipment focused on accurately quantifying previously identified and capital intensive energy conservation opportunities. By personally conducting all testing, metering and monitoring, JKMuir creates solutions based on true operating conditions, resulting in the successful implementation of projects with measurable results.


JKMuir provides energy analysis assistance, energy savings validation, Level 1, 2, and 3 energy audits and focused studies, pre/post installation inspections, training and presentations; and technical and engineering services related to the evaluation, planning, design, project management, construction administration and commissioning of energy conservation projects. JKMuir also provide reviews and evaluations of energy audits and engineering proposals to assess and validate the savings and calculation methodology, identify any discrepancies and/or areas of potential concern that could impact the energy efficiency project, and make recommendations on specific items that may need to be addressed further or discussed with the customer and/or the vendor.


JKMuir is responsible for performing site visits to the facility to oversee construction activity, Quality Assurance and Control testing, Functional Performance testing, and training. Tasks include site observations, functional performance testing and verification of equipment and systems.


JKMuir assisted with the evaluation of three municipal wastewater treatment facilities as part of the MA DOER Municipal/District Drinking Water and Wastewater Facility Energy Evaluation Program. The goal of the program was to provide recommendations to reduce energy cost and usage at water facilities, wastewater facilities, pump stations and associated administrative buildings. Energy audits were conducted at three of state's largest wastewater treatment facilities - Lynn, Lowell and New Bedford. Project tasks included evaluation of unit operations at each facility, conducting field measurements to obtain energy usage data, and evaluation of data in order to develop energy conservation measures. Findings were then included in a multifaceted energy evaluation report for each facility.


JJKMuir is currently assisting the District with the preparation of Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF) applications for on-going planning, design, and construction projects within the collections system and at the wastewater treatment facilities. Services include billing rate structure evaluations, energy bill review and energy benchmarking. JKMuir is assisting in the development and enhancement of long term energy cost management goals, strategic plans, and methods for recording, monitoring, and assessing energy usage of the District’s facilities.